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Welcome to the Leverett Speed Trap Web site. The intent of this site is to provide useful information about the location of the Leverett Speed Trap and demonstrate the laws being broken by the town of Leverett to maintain this contrivance.


North of Amherst Massachusetts, State highway #63 passes through the small New England town of Leverett.  The speed limit on Route #63 from North Amherst up to Montague Massachusetts is between 50 and 55 miles-an-hour, except for one poorly marked 0.97th-mile piece of road where the speed limit drops to 45 miles-an-hour passing through the town of Leverett.  0.61-miles along the piece of highway that the locals refer to as "The Flats", sits a policeman collecting over $14,000 a year for the town of Leverett.  This is the Leverett Speed Trap.


The goal of this web site is to have this speed trap removed from Route #63 by demonstrating the illegal activity perpetrated by the town of Leverett. As a result of the Town of Leverett’s continued fundraising, Route #63 can now be considered closed, and all points of interest within the town of Leverett now made inaccessible. One can now consider, The Leverett Peace Pagoda, The Leverett Crafts Center, and The Leverett Historical Society, all inaccessible until further notice.


I will attempt to have the Leverett Speed Trap removed by petitioning the Leverett Select Board, rallying support at the Leverett Town meeting, and legal action against the Town of Leverett if necessary.  If these actions do not result in the removal of the Leverett Speed trap I have budgeted a period of not less than six years to promote this web site, bringing it to the top of the Google search ranking for Leverett Massachusetts, and to make the name Leverett synonymous with the words Speed Trap.

Please read the site thoroughly and send me information any inaccuracies you may find.

Also, if you have a received a ticket on Route 63 in Leverett, please send me your information through the contact page. I will reach you regarding the planed Class Action suit against the township.

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