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During the research that I have done for this site I have been told a number of stories that support that the Town of Leverett is using the Leverett Speed Trap for the purpose of Fundraising.


The day that I received my ticket I told a group of people I know about the experience.  As it happened, every one of those six long time local residents had been stopped in the Town of Leverett.  The only one person who had not received a speeding ticket is a Leverett resident who only received a warning.  Apparently the town of Leverett is only doing Fundraising from outside of their community.


Indeed, during my meeting with the Leverett select board, they told me the story of the son of a Leverett resident, who when speeding badly was not given a ticket. I feel certain that if the driver had been from out of town a fine would have been levied.


I was told by a local electrician, who had been caught in the Leverett Speed Trap, that the Leverett Police Department has purchased a new computer system. It appears that the town is rewarding the police for their effective Fundraising efforts in a way that does not show up on the town budget.

There is a comedian who tells a joke:

“My parents always talked about being concerned about the local birds flying into the picture window on the front of our house,... but I think that if they were really worried about the birds they would have put the bird feeder outside the glass.”

Similarly, if the town of Leverett were really concerned about people speeding through their town, they would post signs cautioning motorists of a Reduced Speed Zone, instead of just ticketing everyone they can catch in the Leverett Speed Trap.