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It turns out that there are two Leverett Speed Traps.  One is located on Route 63 and the other is located just off of Depot Road. Here find maps documenting both of their locations.


Driving north State Highway 63, known locally as Long Plain Road, 1.9 miles from the North Amherst line the speed drops from 50-miles-an-hour down to 45-miles-an-hour for 0.97 of a mile.  A single sign is located just after a horse farm only on the right hand side of the road. About 0.6 miles further along Route 63 on the right hand side is where the Leverett police officer sits marked by the Red Star.

Although I have not yet researched the second speed trap, I am still outraged as to its existence. Motor vehicle laws are intended for public health and safety, not for municipal fundraising.


Driving East on Depot Road after the intersection of Amherst Road, the speed limit drops from 45-miles-an-hour down to 35-miles an hour.  Just before the intersection of Montague Road on the right hand side an officer sits marked by the Red Star.