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Peace Pagoda

In my opinion, the single most important stop to make in the town of Leverett is the Peace Pagoda.  Started in 1985 as part of the life work of Nichidatsu Fujii, and now continued by the Japan Buddha Sangha monks, a group dedicated not to personal enlightenment, but to the elimination of weapons.


On the grounds of the Peace Pagoda is a wonderful landscaped garden, designed by a Japanese master gardener with the intent of promoting tranquil thought.  Here shown is the Pagoda, housing Buddhist relics to the right, the stone garden bridge with water lilies, and the new Buddhist temple being built with arched windows.

The address is:

(413) 367-2202
100 Cave Hill Road
Leverett, MA 01054

Also on the Pagoda site is a temple used for teaching, a sculpture of the Japanese Buddha as traditionally depicted as surrounded by snakes, and a housed sculpture of a reclining Buddha.

Unfortunately, I can not recommend that anyone drive to visit the Leverett Peace Pagoda.  Although I feel that the message of the Sangha monks is good and their work is essential, to visit the Pagoda requires that one travel though the gauntlet of the Leverett Speed Trap and the potential of a driver needing to pay over $1000.00 over the next six years.