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In the years that I have lived in Amherst there have been a few businesses that have done consistently good work for me over the years. There are also several businesses and individuals that have done bad work and at times illegal practices.   As I work to promote knowledge of the Leverett Speed Trap, I also feel that this is a good forum to share my experiacances of these businesses and individuals here in Amherst.

The Good

Aubuchon Hardware
I could imagine that a manager of a chain hardware store could become complacent to the job and indifferent to customers over time, but I will say that Tom, the Manager of Aubuchonís hardware in Hadley has done neither. During the time that he has run that store he has gone far out of his way to be helpful, creative and resourceful to me and to everyone I know who goes there.

I went to another hardware store looking for legs to support one end of a bench in my garage. They simply told me, ďWe donít sell legs like that.Ē, and sent me on my way. Tomís reply was, "You could buy two pipe flanges and cut two pieces to the length of the legs you need.Ē  And that is what I did. Tom even lent me the hack saw to cut the pipe there in the store.  Tomís Can-Do attitude that puts this store at the top of my list.

Airwaves Audio / TV Repair
Larry runs a small business next to Cousins market in downtown Amherst.  Over the course of years Larry has done nothing but consistently good work for me and for everyone that I know.  As we live in an increasingly technological age it becomes increasingly important to have skilled and trusted service personnel.  Larry is always willing to chat, and is honest to the point it may not serve his business well, turning away repairs that he feels may not be cost effective for customers.

And the Bad

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